Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On a Pale Horse

By Piers Anthony

 When Zane shot Death, he learned, too late, that he would have to assume his place, speeding over the world riding his pale horse, and ending the lives of others. Sooner than he would have thought possible, Zane found himself being drawn into Satan’s plot. Already the Prince of Evil was forging a trap in which Zane must act to destroy Luna, the woman he loved…unless he could discover the only way out…
So I've heard that Piers Anthony is one of the names in Science fiction, so I wanted to give him a go, and found this very intriguing book about Death personified., I hated it. Mostly. There was lots in it that I found very interesting, but it was overwhelmed with depictions of topless women, naked women, lots of naked women. Thanks. I needed that.  I was tempted to just drop the book on the first happenstance, but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that there was some redeeming quality to the book. Nope. Not enough to justify the pornography in it. I know I'm probably being harsh by some people's standards, but honestly, it wasn't necessary to the plot. I can see one reference being helpful to the plotline of Satan's evil, but holy cow, do you have to dwell on it? Anyway, I sorta have blacked out this book in my mind as having one or two good points to about a million strange and gross ones.
I give it a 1 out of 5 (just because I found no value at all)

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