Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Huntsman

By Katherine Pine

When Rose and Snow White are caught in the middle of a political conspiracy, they are separated for their own protection. Snow White fears for Rose’s safety. Rose, however, begins to fear for herself. Isolated and hunted, Rose must rely on Ambrose’s advice to survive. But as her relationship with the enigmatic man deepens, she learns things about her character and desires that should have stayed hidden.

This is the third installment in Katherine Pine’s dark retelling of Snow White. The detail and plot move much faster in this book than the last, though I read the second and third books back to back, so it wasn’t as slow as others have said it was for me. I was perturbed to find out that this wasn’t a trilogy like I first thought, but ended with a cliffhanger in this book. I’m really liking where this is going, Snow White gains a lot of character in this book, and I was rooting for her and (I hope) her love interest. Rose on the other hand is beginning to show her true colors and I was shocked to find that I think she may in fact become the evil queen of the story. The best part about this series is how it twists “Snow White” into something exciting but also true to the original. This is an amazing story and well worth your time if you enjoy retellings with a darker hue (but not too dark, as I abhor horror).

This gets a 4 out of 5

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