Saturday, January 17, 2015

Robyn Hood: Fight for Freedom

By K. M. Shea

Robyn left her band of Merry Men after losing an archery contest against Little John and runs to the last place her men would expect: the courts of Prince John. Robyn successfully masks her identity until Little John and Will Scarlet locate her with Marian’s help. Unfortunately the Merry Men are found out, and the Sheriff of Nottingham makes plans to hang them. Robyn must save her men and find a way out of the locked Nottingham Castle, or she will lose her trusted partners to the noose.
The Merry Men aren’t the only friends Robyn is fighting for. Marian—Robin’s childhood friend—will be unwillingly married to the persistent and violent Sir Guy of Gisborne if Robyn can’t stop the wedding.
Can Robyn save her men, her closest friend, and finally pay King Richard’s ransom.

The second half of Robyn Hood is much more creative than the first, seeing Robyn in the courts of Prince John acting as a courtier from a distant county. Robyn is pretty much pouting for the first half of this book, and majorly embarrassed when she discovers that some of her Merry Men have fallen in love with her. She’s a girl who isn’t one for drama, and what’s more dramatic than romance? Not only that, but she is also trying her best to ransom King Richard, and save her best friend from a truly horrible marriage. This is a fun conclusion to an interesting take on the classic myth. I enjoyed the read even if it wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read.

I give it a 3.5 out of 5

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