Wednesday, January 14, 2015


By A. P. Kensey

Chosen individuals have been gifted with extraordinary abilities in order to restore balance to the world.
Haven Kincaid is seventeen. After moving away from her friends before the start of her senior year, she struggles to fit in at her new school. When the boy o her dreams shows interest, she finally has a chance to be normal—but Haven is more different than she realizes. After a tragic loss and a deep betrayal, she is kidnapped by a sinister group that will do anything to extract a deadly ability she can barely control—even if they kill her I the process.
Colton Ross is fresh out of high school. Driven by a desire to escape his abusive father and haunted by the memory of an absent mother, he moves to New York City to start over. When a favor for his friend backfires and he ends up in jail, Colton is bailed out by a mysterious businessman who offers him the chance to strengthen his new-found power and discover the truth about his past—a truth that will set him on a deadly quest.

First off, this is a free book on kindle, if you want to give it a go. Haven is a girl who has a tragedy strike her life, and as usual, when it rains it pours. She is kidnapped and experimented on, and rescued and taught about the unique abilities that got her kidnapped in the first place. Told in alternating perspectives of Haven and Colton, a boy fresh into the real world and learning about his own ability that he’s been trying to hide and use for good, Bloom is a creative fantasy about a world beneath our own. One where the balance of life is determined by people with incredible powers. But who is right and who is wrong? Is Haven on the wrong side, or will Colton prove to be mistaken in his choice of companions?

This gets a 3 out of 5- an average type young adult fantasy

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