Sunday, August 16, 2015


By Taylor Longford

Seventeen-year-old Force has never been interested in girls. All of his dreams have revolved around serving with honor in battle. But the gargoyle left all the great world-shaping battles behind him in another era. Now he’s just a medieval guy trying to get by in a modern world.
At this point in Camie’s life she’s convinced that you can’t count on guys for nothing. Her short-term plan is to get through high school without a boyfriend to distract her. Her long-term plan is to complete college. After that, maybe she’ll look around for a knight in shining armor…if there is such a thing…and if they aren’t all taken by the time she starts looking.
Only fate and unusual circumstance can move these two independent young people together. But when you’re talking about gargoyles, the circumstances are always unusual.

So this series has been kinda hit and miss for me, and it seems like the further on it gets the less I like it, though I keep hoping it will get better, and thus here I am reviewing the seventh book in the series. Force was interesting in that he isn’t interested in girls, and more slowly falls for our main girl. There’s a bit more at play in the character development than them being head-over-heels for each other, which was nice. Although, I got distinctly uncomfortable at the mentions of sex and how nonchalant it was, and a borderline rape (though I knew it wouldn’t happen) it was still toxic for my happiness. That being said, it was decently written, the story was average, the romance was okay. I was not happy with the ever increasing sensuality of this series that happened in the last book Victor. I’ll probably finish out the series however, because I want to get to Havoc dangit.

I give this a 2.75 out of 3 (for the sensuality nothing else)

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