Thursday, April 28, 2011


By Ingrid Law

Ledger Kale always dreamed of the awesome magical power he’d get when he turned thirteen- the day when folks in his family inherit an extraordinary talent called a savvy. But Ledge’s dreams are soon in pieces. And so are the toaster, the television, and the wipers on the family minivan.
After the Kales decide it’s safe to head to a family wedding in Wyoming, Ledge’s savvy rows. Worse, there’s an outside witness to his monumental mess: thirteen-year-old Sarah Jane Cabot, eagle-eyed reporter and daughter of the local businessman. Now Ledge has to stop Sarah Jane from turning savvies into headlines, stop her father from getting too close to Uncle Autry’s astonishing ranch, and scumble his savvy into control before he causes everything to fall apart.

This book, along with its predecessor, 'Savvy', are two of my new favorites. I'm talking want-to-own books. These books are so much fun, but I've always loved coming of age stories-and having the magical twist just makes them that much better. The thing about Savvies is they aren't magical powers really, they're just the knack of doing something unconventional. These books are all about figuring out your own savvy and going with it and finding the balance in your life to make you you. You'll fall in love with Ledge, Rocket, Fish, Mibbs, and all the others just as much as I did.

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