Thursday, April 28, 2011


By Richard Bausch

Italy, near Cassino, in the terrible winter of 1944. An icy rain, continuing unabated fr days. Guided by a seventy-year-old Italian man in rope-soled shoes, three American soldiers are sent on a reconnaissance mission up the side of a steep hill that they discover, before very long, to be a mountain. As they climb, the old man’s indeterminate loyalties only add to the terror and confusion that engulf them. Peace is a feat of storytelling from one of America’s most acclaimed novelists: a powerful look at the corrosiveness of violence, the human cost of war, and the redemptive power of mercy.

Sooooo....this novel was not something I would ordinarily finish once I started. After about the 50th instance of the 'f' bomb I was ready to quit, but sadly it was assigned for a class. I began wondering if they really knew that word in the 1940's. Anywho, if this book didn't curse so much I would've really liked it, and it had a lot of really poignant scenes and was very well written (except the potty-mouth). So, I guess if you don't mind a dirty mouth just grab an Orbitz and try this one out. I recommend it for people who don't mind language and a few immoral references. If that wasn't there, I would've liked it.

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