Thursday, April 28, 2011

Magic for Beginners

By Kelly Link

Magic for Beginners is the highly anticipated second collection by Kelly link. Link’s stories are engaging and funny- call them kitchen-sink magical realism. They riff on haunted convenience stores, husbands and wives, rabbits, zombies, weekly apocalyptic poker parties, witches, superheroes, marriage, and cannons. Link is an original voice-no one else writes stories quite like these.

So this is a fun novella. I really liked this one that was assigned for my college class. It's all about this kid and his friends who are fans of this tv show thats a little...different. It's called 'The Library' and it's about this main character named fox, who is played by a different actor on the show each episode, even the men. And the show is on randomly, and they have to pay close attention and surf the channels to catch when it's on. There is a huge fan base that is solely dedicated to alerting everyone when the show comes on. Underneath all the buzz about this tv show is the drama of real life. Jeremy inherits this phone booth near vegas that he calls and vents to, not knowing who is listening on the other end, until one day they talk back and he realizes it's fox from the tv show. This novella was compelling and interesting and I admit I was sorta wishing there was a show like 'The Library' on tv right now. This book does contain an instance of the 'f' bomb (that is my disclaimer).

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