Thursday, April 21, 2011

Enchanted Night

By Steven Millhauser

In his dazzling new work, Pulitzer Prize-winner Steven Millhauser presents a stunningly original tale set in a Connecticut town over one incredible summer night. The improbable cast of characters includes a man who flees the attic where he’s been writing his magnum opus every night for the past nine years, a band of teenage girls who break into homes and simply leave notes reading “We Are Your Daughters,” and a young woman who meets a dreamlike lover on the tree swing in her backyard. A beautiful mannequin steps down from her department store window, and all the dolls left abandoned in the attic and “no longer believed in” magically come to life. Enchanted Night is a remarkable piece of fiction, a compact tale of loneliness and desire that is as hypnotic and rich as the language Millhauser uses to weave it.

Here's another novella I read for a college course I'm taking. I'm really getting sick of novellas. This one was no exception to the more contemporary books I've been reading lately. It's got a lot of adult content and drops a few of the worse swear words. It's a very strange novel told in a bunch of different perspectives of people all on the same night of the full moon. It's kinda creepy when all is said and done. The only part I thought was cool was when this mannequin comes to life. But other than that, this book is not for the mainstream reader. If you like strange, modernistic artsy stuff, and don't mind sensual scenes and profanity, sure give it a go. Otherwise stay far, far, far away...

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