Saturday, December 4, 2010

Igraine the Brave

By Cornelia Funke

Igraine, who turns twelve tomorrow, dreams of becoming a famous knight. But today, like most days, life at the family castle remains…rather boring. Until the nefarious nephew of the baroness-next-door shows up. Greedy Osmund’s got a dastardly plan to capture Pimpernel Castle and steal the singing magic books that belong to Igraine’s mom and dad. Complicating matter, on the eve of the siege her parents misspeak a spell and turn themselves into pigs! (How inconvenient.)
Igraine’s birthday wish has come true, and the challenge is bigger than she ever bargained for: Will she face her fears and find the courage to save the day-and the books?

Two words: For cute. This book is just darling, full of the fun and simple storytelling of a master storyteller. Igraine is a fun heroine, with an annoying but endearing older brother, and parents who dote and love her. This book may be fluffy, but it's well-written and I can tell it would be an excellent read-aloud book for kids. It reminds me a lot of The Castle Corona, but I like this much better.

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