Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Hatchling: Book 7

By Kathryn Lasky

Beneath a shadowed moon in a cloud-streaked sky, the sacred orb splits and a hatchling is born: It is Nyroc, son of Kludd, fallen leader of the Pure Ones, and his evil mate, Nyra. Born from evil, trained to evil, Nyroc is destined to fulfill his father’s terrible plan, the oppression of all owldom under the vicious talons of the Pure Ones.
But doubt grows in Nyroc’s heart, fed by strange forbidden legends of a great tree far away where noble owls live in peace. And a light dawns in Nyroc’s gizzard, nourished by friendship.
A day is nearing when Nyroc must choose to fulfill his destiny-or to defy it.
It will be a day of blood and terror.

This book is different from the other Guardian books. And in my oppinion, extremely good. This is when I thought the series became awesome. I loved the story of Nyroc.

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