Saturday, December 4, 2010


By Mike Lupica

Zach Harriman thought he knew his dad. Knicks fan, ex-Harvard football star, special advisor to the President of the United States. And then Tom Harriman’s plane crashes under mysterious circumstances and everything Zach thought he knew about his father explodes with it. Now the same people who wanted his father dead want Zach very much alive. Why? Because Tom Harriman was no ordinary man. And because Zach is destined to follow in his footsteps. Starting now. As something no one even knows exists….a fourteen-year-old superhero.

This wasn't really what I was expecting, but I've never read one of Mike Lupica's books, which are mostly sport-related. I've heard nothing but good about him, it was just a little hard to get used to his style. I'm starting out negative though! I did really like the book once I got the gist of it; it was fun and an original way to do the classic comic-book superhero-like book. I even was mildly surprised at the ending, which always makes me like a book more. If you like Mike (ha ha, I rhymed!) and like superheroes, then this is a great book for you. Great fun.

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