Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pendragon 10: The Soldiers of Halla

By D.J. MacHale

It has all been leading to this. Every victory. Every loss. All the thrills and sadness; the hope and despair. Bobby Pendragon’s heart-pounding journey through time and space has brought him to this epic moment. He and his fellow Travelers must join forces for one last desperate battle against Saint Dane. At stake is not only the tenth and final territory, but all that ever was or will be. Everywhere.

This is the war for Halla.

Every question is answered. Every truth is revealed.

The final battle has begun.

I finally know it all. The mystery of the travelers, and the secrets of the universe that is the Pendgragon books. I was surprised to find that you find out pretty much everything within the first 60 pages or so. You know everything, except how it will all turn out. And I also admit, I’m still slightly confused at the mechanics of the ending (Which was happy). Wow. Longest series I’ve ever read; interesting, but not good enough to own in my opinion. If you find it in the library and like world-hopping adventures, go ahead and read Bobby’s journals. All in all, I give it a 6/10.

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