Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dragon Spear

By Jessica Day George

With peace established between the humans and the dragons, young couple Creel and Luka are planning their wedding. But then the dragon queen, Velika, is kidnapped by a band of rogue dragons in need of a ruler. When Creel and Luka rush to help, they discover that Luka’s father has plans to take back the Far Islands from the dragons. Creel’s happily ever after just might be postponed…again.

This is the third book in the Dragon Slippers trilogy and it is just as fun as the first two books. This series is simply delightful to read; I fell in love with Shardas from the get-go and slowly but surely warmed up to Creel and her wit and down-to-earth sensabilities. This last installment of the series is great fun for fans because while there is a whole lot going on, you keep wondering if Luka and Creel will FINALLY get married! Now don't get me wrong, but for me, the first book is the best of them all and the other two feel more like books written for the fans rather than the progression of the plot. It's still a good read, but not as magical as that first book was.

I give it a solid 3 out of 5

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