Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Amazing Spider-man 1-40

By Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Everybody knows who Spider-man is, whether it’s from the latest movie release, or if you’ve been a fan since the beginning in 1962 with the release of Amazing Fantasy. Marvel Masterworks began releasing the original comics from Stan “the man” Lee himself and the innovative art of Steve Ditko.  The first 4 volumes feature the origin story of young Peter Parker, a kid who wasn’t rich, wasn’t popular, and wasn’t without a myriad of regular every-day problems—the very things which made him a phenomenon and help him remain as one of the favorite superheroes of today.
Read along with Peter’s adventures of getting the hang of dealing with Super powers and being a teenager who gets razzed by Flash Thompson, and has to find ways to help pay the mortgage on top of fighting bizarre characters like Doctor Octopus, Molten Man, the Enforcers, and The Lizzard. How can a guy get a date with anyone when he has to worry about keeping evil at bay on a school night?

I cannot tell you how long I have wanted to read the original comic books by Stan Lee about my favorite superhero. I wasn't disappointed. Sure they're out-dated and the lines are definately from the 60's at times, and I don't understand a lot of the specific name references, but holy smokes did I have a blast! I laugh at poor Peter's problems (that was a good alliteration!) with affection and zeal as he masters the everyday problems facing your all too average teenager. All Peter wants is to have fun as Spider-man, get recognized as a hero, and maybe get a date every once in a while without spider-man butting in! Not to mention taking care of his Aunt May and the many bills to pay. I had so much fun reading about little-known villans and getting to see Spidey square off again the Human Torch and see cameos from Dr. Strange, the Fantastic Four, and the Hulk. I was totally captivated by the story I love. Stan, you really are the man! Excelcior! :)

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