Monday, April 9, 2012

Love Life and See Good Days

By Emily Freeman

“Have a good day” is practically a mantra in our society. But no one reminds us to see good days. What would change if we took as our motto the scriptural phrase “Love life, and see good days” (1 Peter 3:10)?

“I believe it would be life changing,” writes Emily Freeman. “I believe it would lead to more happiness. But how is it done?”

In this “handbook of happy thoughts,” Emily invites us to explore some of the scriptures she found on her quest to help us see good days, whether that means shifting our perspective a bit, letting go of a few things, rising above some of our old frustrations, or reaching deep inside for enough faith to trust in the Savior’s promises to us.

Sometimes it feels as if the whole world has crashed down around us. At other times, we may be doing all right but just feel the desire for something more. Whatever our situation , these reflections will help each of us discover how to more fully Love life and see good days.

So I read this book in about a day, it's very quick, but I find myself wishing I could've gone slower and marked things and taken notes. It's a great book about changing your perceptions and perspective about your life and learning that even during hard times and bad days that you can teach yourself to see what good is still around you. This book is an excellent little gem and would work perfectly as a gift for your visiting teaching ladies, your girlfriends, daughters, mothers, any woman really. It's short and wonderfully sweet. Every woman should read this. Another great LDS find for members, and even those who just want to figure out how to see good days not just have them.

4 out of 5

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