Friday, April 27, 2012

Albrek's Tomb

By M.L. Forman

Two thousand years ago, the dwarf Albrek went looking for new mines in the land of Thraxon in the hopes of becoming rich—and vanished. Now the dwarves must find Albrek’s magical Ring of Searching before their mines run dry, a possibility which threatens the livelihood of the entire dwarf realm.

Alexander Taylor joins a familiar company of adventurers on a quest to discover what happened to Albrek, find his mythical tomb, and locate the lost talisman.

But finding the ring may be the least of the adventurers’ problems once they cross paths with an ancient, wandering paladin, Bane, who warns of a great evil working in all of the known lands. Following in Albrek’s footsteps, Alex and his friends travel to the haunted Isle of Bones, where a mysterious creature lurks in a deserted village, to the cursed city of Neplee, where the dwarfs are hunted by the undead hellerash, and through the shadow of an empty oracle’s tower, where a whispered legend is about to come true.

So this is the 3rd installment of The Adventurerer's Wanted series and is, in my opionion better than the second book. I really loved the first one and this one is just like it and I adored it. This book finds Alex a full wizard and on another adventure with Thrang the dwarf and Arconn the elf and other friends. This was a great adventure and I couldn't put it down. My one beef is this: Alex has sort of become a tad too powerful for my liking. The kid has no weaknesses and just keeps finding out new powers. He's the Superman of Wizards; but has no Kyrptonite. Fix this Mr. Forman, or I am in danger of becoming bitter with Alex's character. :(  Although, I was rather impressed with Alex's new discovery, which was pretty awesome. I just wish he wasn't..well perfect. I'm liable to become jealous. :)

4 out of 5

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