Friday, April 27, 2012

Ambush (Pillage 3)

By Obert Skye

What can happen on an innocent field trip to a museum? In the secure protection of a jail? Or on a simple bus ride? Plenty, if you are a member of the Pillage family and your name is Beck Phillips. No matter what strangeness is going on, Beck still manages to turn things on their head.

When Beck’s personality and behavior begin to change after he makes a fateful, life-altering decision involving-what else?-a dragon egg, there is no one around to stop him from fulfilling his family’s destiny set out in The Grim Knot. And as life in Kingsplot moves unwittingly toward the brink of another dragon disaster, Beck finds himself living a life of deception as he hides information from the people who love and care about him the most.

In this final episode of the Pillage series, with the destructive forces of his family heritage running strong and unhindered, Beck must now face the truth and rise to the challenge of stopping the madness or succumb to the draconic chaos he has helped create.

This series is pretty hillarous, and this last in the trillogy, or "Pillogy" as some call it, is no different.  DO you like dragons? This is a great story for you and one of the most original that I've read as to how dragons come about. The best part of this series however, is Beck. His sarcasm is simply awesome. If there were an actual kid like him I'd probably strangle him myself, but for reading from his perspective, I laugh my head off. This is one of the few books that is a laugh-out-loud book.  Beck's last adventure with the dragons is just as good as the first two, and starts out with (dare I repeat myself?) the funniest scene ever of destruction and mayhem that seem to stick to Beck's shoes like gum. Pillage fans will not be disapointed, except for the fact that it's over. :(

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