Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie vs. Book

So yes, I was part of the throng yesterday that went to see The Hunger Games.  Thankfully I got into a showing before school let out and I had to deal with the teenage group of fans. Not that I don't love you, I do, I just didn't want catcalls or snickers when Gale or Peeta were on screen.  So, I was actually surprised at the pace of the movie, it was slower than I thought and much more acurate to the book than I was expecting. My main curiousities for the movie were: how the heck do they make this PG-13 and stay true to the gruesomeness of the Games? Answer: they don't actually show the killing, only blood spatters and quick shots. Enough to get the gist, but not overly gory. Next question: How do they handle Rue? Answer: They don't show the actual death again, and it was handled very sweetly. The lullaby was one of my favorite parts of the movie. Another plus: actors who can believably cry on-screen! Yay! I heard more than a few people who were sniffling.

I only have two miffs. First, they ditched one of my favorite scenes! When Haymitch does a peter-pan off the stage at the reaping (which would have helped the tension holy smokes). And Haymitch is way too easily pulled into helping Katniss and Peeta. Second: Gale.  Liam might be a hunk, but he fell way short for me next to Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson's performances.  Way overdone or underdone, he made me sad because I really like Gale's character, even though I root for Peeta. :( Otherwise, this is a great movie done faithfully (as conceivably possible) to the book. Go see it if you love Hunger Games.

Also, Katniss is a lot more likeable in the movie for me than the book. Happy days. We'll hope that the next 2 movies are just as good...and maybe fix some of the doom and gloom of Mockingjay...

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