Saturday, September 11, 2010


By Scott Westerfeld

In this highly anticipated sequel to the hit Uglies 2005), Tally Youngblood struggles to retain her mental acuity after undergoing the operation that transformed her into a Pretty. While in the renegade Ugly community, Tally learned that along with cosmetic enhancements, new Pretties are given brain lesions that leave them in a perpetual state of lazy vanity. Tally volunteered to take a drug developed to cure the lesions, but now that she is a Pretty, she has forgotten her promise. A coded message leads her to some pills and a letter that she wrote to herself before her transformation, and after swallowing the cure, she is catapulted into a dangerous new adventure, in which she discovers that the peace and happiness of Pretty society come with a terrible price.

This second book in the Uglies series was fun and fast paced. I admit I was a little ornery at having had a new love interest introduced and getting the oh-so-familiar love triangle going on. Good thing Tally didn’t really remember David, it made it easier for me to see her falling for someone new. This book is pretty packed with teen drama. But it still makes a ton of excellent points about what being pretty really means. Interesting second books anyhow.

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