Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Silver Child

By Cliff McNish

Six children are changing, and no one knows why…Milo’s skin turns gold. Walter grows into a giant with incredible strength. Helen can suddenly read minds. Emily and Freda become insect-girls who skitter on all fours. Thomas discovers a mysterious power to comfort and heal. All six are drawn to Coldharbor, a wasteland of garbage dumps. The children sense the approach of a sinister enemy. What is it? How will they face their strange shared destiny?

I guess what I was expecting with this book was a child superhero-esque book. Wrongo bongo. This book simply follows each of the six children through their changes and how they are inexplicably drawn to Coldharbor. They each can hear this roar that no one else can, and it frightens them. They each feel that there is something important they need to do with their abilities, but they don’t know what. This story is strange and the first in The Silver Sequence. I’ll read the next one soon to say if I can recommend this one, because so far I’m just confused and weirded out.

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