Thursday, August 12, 2010

Midnight Sun

By Stephanie Myers

This is the story of Twilight…from Edward’s perspective. What’s a vampire to do when the one girl he’s ever fallen for happens to also be the one person in the world with the blood that the monster in him craves the most?

Yeah, yeah I know, I read it of my own free will. I guess curiosity can get you to do anything against your own better judgment. At first I thought, wow this is a whole lot better than Bella telling the story. Basically because I frequently got sick of Bella comparing Edward to a god. Edward’s perspective is a lot better. He has a lot more depth as a character. I must be a little sadistic because I liked this better than twilight because it was basically Edward constantly wanting to kill Bella and drink her blood, but at the same time him falling in love with her. It was interesting. Although, as it got to the end he became just as obsessed with her as she does with him. He stalks her for heavens sake! Anywho, it doesn’t go through all the events of Twilight, just about to after Bella finally finds out he’s a vampire. I just kept thinking, ‘I could’ve been reading something better than this’. Oh well, not my thing.

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