Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Little Princess

By Frances Hodgeson Burnette

Little 7-year-old Sara Crewe has lived her whole life in India with her father, an English soldier. But now she is coming to England to receive and education at a 'seminary for girls'. Sara is a curious, strange child who loves her father more than anything. But though her father gives her everything any little girl could want, Sara is far from spoiled. She is good natured and content just to have her Papa near. Miss Minchin of the girl's seminary is charged with her care. But when Sara receives news of her father's death, Miss Minchin reluctantly takes Sara in as a servant to work off the enormous debt that has accrued. In her new life Sara decides that no matter what happens to her, she will always act like a princess who is good and kind and suffers silently and nobly. This inspires many, and infuriates others. This is Sara's story of love, loss, and enduring hope.

I grew up watching the many adaptations of this book in movie form. I'd never thought to read it until I saw it in the bookstore and thought, 'why not?' I love the story. What I didn't know was how much I would come to love this novel. It is inspiring, motivating and purely wonderful in all the ways a book deemed 'classic' should be. Little Sara became a model for the way I want to face unpleasant realities in my life; to act like a princess despite nasty turns of events. This is a book especially for girls I think, but is welcome for all readers. I can't wait to visit its pages again, full of magic and love and especially...hope. Definately on my top 10 favorite books.

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