Saturday, July 27, 2013


By Taylor Longford

When a fabulous winged sculpture mysteriously saves Elaina’s life, she travels across the country in her search to learn more about him. But the good-looking gargoyle she finds in Colorado isn’t exactly happy to see her. Too bad he’s going to be her new college roommate. New sparks fly every time Elaina and Reason look at each other.

Here’s the 3rd installment in the Greystone novels, this one is about the over-protective Reason, who was initially fighting Valor for MacKenzie, but offered to take the place of his cousin on a seemingly cushy mission to avoid the gargoyles getting split up. In his journey he meets Elaina, a girl who is irritatingly different, a girl who Reason can’t stop thinking about, no matter how much he wants to. Elaina is off to college, an art student, and ends up bringing along an untrusting Reason, who insists that to protect his family he must watch this girl who has discovered their secret. This installment is geared toward a little more mature audience, as it takes place not with high-school aged protagonists, but with a college aged girl. It was interesting and a lot more relatable for me, as I’m in college myself.  There are some scenes with mature material, such as Elaina’s off hand comments about boys trying to “get in her pants” and another drunk boy going after her. Again, more mature, so be careful if that bothers you. I’m fairly sensitive, and this did bother me some, but I also really liked it. Not only was this one about Reason, but it also was about his missing brothers, so there was an added mystery that I look forward to figuring out.

I give it a 3.75 out of 5

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