Monday, July 22, 2013

I Hope You Know How Much I Love You!

By John Bytheway

 Recharge your spiritual batteries with this delightful Time Out for Women Classic book by well-known author and speaker, John Bytheway. With humor and insight, John takes us through invaluable lessons he has learned in order to have a happier life. His advice to be content with ourselves and our accomplishments, reduce stress by striving to have the Spirit with us, choose to be delightful, show more appreciation to those we love, and rely on the Savior, among other great ideas, offers hope to us all. As John states, “Hopefully this book will be a battery charge for our lives.

I really love John Bytheway, as do many others that have either heard him speak or read his books. He has the best humor and the best spiritual connections to his stories that I have heard. This little book geared toward women is fantastic. I loved all the things that he talks about and it gave me a great epiphany and helped me see things in a more positive light in my own life. It was a great half hour of reading and I’ll probably read it again. My favorite part was the definition of a blessing: Anything that brings you closer to God.

I give it a 4 out of 5

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