Monday, July 22, 2013

Into the Land of the Unicorns

Bruce Coville

Eight! Nine! Ten! As each bell chime sounds, Cara pushes herself faster up the steep bell tower steps that lead to the roof. Eleven! She must be on the roof when the next bell tolls. As she races up the stairs, Cara can’t believe everything that has happened. Wasn’t it just a few minutes ago that she and Grandmother Morris were peacefully walking home from the library? When did that mysterious man start to follow them? What does he want? Where did he come from? Who is he? Twelve! The ringing bell brings Cara back to the moment. Gramma told her what she must do. With a deep breath, and only half believing she will be safe, Cara jumps off the church roof and into the adventure of her lifetime—into the Land of Luster, the world of the unicorns.
In Luster, Cara meets the Dimblethum, the Squijum, and the most magnificent of all the inhabitants, Lightfoot, a rebellious young unicorn. Together the new friends set out on a quest—to reach the Unicorn Queen and prevent the destruction of all unicorns.

Bruce Coville is one of those authors that I loved as a kid. I’ve had this book since I was probably 8 years-old. I, like many little girls, loved unicorns. This book is fun and fast-paced and great for kids; specifically girls. A classic journey tale, it’s got fun companions, the dimblethum and the squijum are loyal and unique, and remind me a bit of Gurgy from Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain chronicles. The story of the land of the unicorns and the hunters is creative and unique, something a kid can latch onto and love. I highly recommend this book for kids and adults alike. This is one of those rare children’s books that can hold the interest of adults, while not being a book that I would recommend solely to an adult. It's also a series, so if your child likes it, there's more where this came from! 

I give it a 3.5 out of five, probably a 3 or 2.5 for adults.

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