Monday, February 18, 2013


By Anita Valle

 Maelyn was not born a princess. The king found her as a child, the lone survivor of a poor village slaughtered by the Red Fever. Suddenly she became a princess of Runa Realm, the first of nine orphans adopted by the king.

By her eighteenth year, Maelyn rules over Runa and a family of nine sisters. But some call the princesses frauds and imposters, a handful of urchins raised into royalty. Even Uncle Jarros, the High Kind of Grunwold, seems determined to prove that Maelyn no longer deserves to be a princess. With a family losing faith in her, and a kingdom growing dangerously hostile, even Maelyn begins to wonder if she is truly a real princess. And if her riches will turn to rags once again…


 This is the first in a short Kindle novella series that I found for free and thought, “why not? I like Princesses.” I read this and was reminded of Shannon Hale with the fun telling of the princess sisters and the evil uncle-king. It wasn’t as neatly told, or as in-depth, but I loved it all the same. It’s fun and sweet. I enjoyed the bits of romance and the dynamic between the princesses. I plan to keep reading them and let you all know if they are worth it.
P.S. I know the cover is horrible, but don't judge it by that please!

I give it a 3 ½ out of 5 for potential!

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