Friday, August 12, 2011

Tennis Shoes and the Seven Churches

By Chris Heimerdinger

Join fifteen-year-old Harry Hawkins as he takes the baton from his noble father, jim, and embarks upon a perilous quest to grant what may be his sister’s last wish and reunite her with the love of her life. In the process he discovers secrets about the mysterious caverns of Frost Cave that his father never dreamed of—secrets that plunge him into a world he never expected. A world in rebellion against the oppressors of Rome and against the pure and undefiled doctrines of Christ and His newborn Church—the dangerous and reeling world of Jerusalem and the New Testament in the first century A.D.

So, the tennis shoe series continues...and this one is awesome. I love Harry, he is a great character that you can relate to, and having Meagan there just adds spice and makes Harry learn patience. I think the funnest thing about this series is the way that Chris Heimerdinger brings the scriptures to life and makes them applicable. I know it makes me see things in a new perspective when I read now, not to mention it's just plain fun to read about time travel, ancient cultures, a throw in some romance and loads of adventure. This series is touching and has a great spiritual lift, along with laughs and tears, and good times. Though this is written in the standpoint of Latter Day Saint culture, it can be read by anyone; especially this book and it's adventures taking place in New Testament times. Great series, can't wait to read the last book (which is why I'm reading through them again as a refresher!)

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