Friday, August 12, 2011

Buck Up Little Buckaroo!

By Mary Ellen Edmunds

Sometimes you just feel lonely…
“Being lonely at times seems to be part of life,” writes Mary Ellen Edmunds, “and even the friendliest and most outgoing of people experience those feelings. Being lonely isn’t necessarily bad for you, but staying lonely is.” With that idea in mind, Mary Ellen applies her trademark good cheer and careful thinking to the topic of loneliness, helping us understand that loneliness is painful but not terminal, that we don’t have to be lonely, and that loneliness doesn’t need to rule our lives.

This caught my attention from the first time I saw it; the title made me laugh so I looked to see what it was about. When I found out it was a book about being lonely and how to deal with it and what it is exactly I was excited. It sounded like just the book for me, who like so many others have faced long periods of loneliness. I'm so glad I found this book. After reading the thoughtful remarks of Ms. Edmunds I sincerely want to write her a letter of appreciation for taking the time to write this book. It helped me understand a lot of things about what causes loneliness and why it can be good at times. The suggestions are wonderful, and I know I'll turn to them time and again when I get in the doldrums. I think my favorite part was the chapter on solitude. How profound! I won't say any more because I want people to read this for themselves and find the joy I did in figuring out my own unique way to deal with being alone.

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