Friday, August 19, 2011

Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

By Brandon Sanderson

A hero with an incredible talent…for breaking things.
A life or death mission…to rescue a bag of sand.
A fearsome threat from the powerful secret network that rules the world…the evil librarians.

Alcatraz Smedry doesn’t seem destined for anything but disaster. But on his thirteenth birthday, he receives a bag of sand, and his life takes a bizarre turn. This is no ordinary bag of sand…and it is quickly stolen by the cult of evil Librarians who are taking over the world by spreading misinformation and suppressing truth. The sand will give the evil Librarians the edge they need to achieve world domination. Alcatraz must stop them! …by infiltrating the local library, armed with nothing but eyeglasses and a talent for klutziness.

So this book is actually a pretty fun fantasy. I was a bit annoyed at the ramblings of the narrator Alcatraz that distracted from the actual story, but once you get through them (I admit I skipped some reading) the story is quite fun and interesting. Apparently we live in a world of controlled information and our librarians are the ones controlling it! There really is a place in the world where magic exists and technology is more advanced than we could imagine. Alcatraz is a part of a powerful family of Oculators that are trying to free the world from librarian rule. Each member of this family has a 'talent' of some kind; all of which at first seem ridiculous but then are shown to be extraordinarily handy. Especially when you're infiltrating a metropolitan library in search of sand and have to defeat an evil oculator. This book will have you smiling and leave you thinking. And don't read the last page early like I did...though it was pretty funny. :)

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