Friday, June 3, 2011

Gadianton and the Silver Sword

By Chris Heimerdinger

Jim Hawkins, still unable to remember his former adventures among the Nephites, is nevertheless haunted by fleeting images he can’t seem to connect with any particular source. Vivid memories are returned to him bit by bit when strange and anceient visitors suddenly interrupt his life- one desperate for his help, others desperate for revenge.
Be a part of the excitement as Jim Hawkins, Jennifer Hawkins, and Garth Plimpton embark upon the most thrilling and hazardous quest of their lives: one that teaches them the true meaning of valiance in these latter days and where every step of the way they are pursued by the darkest of villans…

This is the second book in the Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites series, a LDS (Latter Day Saint) work of fiction based loosely on people and stories found in The Book of Mormon, and later in the New Testament. This series is greatly loved by many LDS readers and happens to be one of my favorites as well. I enjoy the first person narrative of Jim hawkins, a college student at BYU, who as a boy had a great time-travelling adventure when he was thirteen, yet doesn't recall it now save for brief glimpses of memory.

This story follows Jim's journey to remember his past among the Nephites, and help an old friend to destroy a great evil. Along with his kid sister Jenny, his best friend Garth, and the girl he loves, Jim races against the Gadianton Robbers to destroy an evil ancient sword before it falls into the wrong hands, or tempts him beyond what he is able to withstand.

This series is great and always uplifts me when I'm feeling down. Honestly, when I'm having a bit of a struggle spiritually I'll grab this series and start reading and it ultimately leads me back to scriptures and to my knees to pray.

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