Saturday, October 30, 2010

Party Of One

By Anneli Rufus

In this compendium of everyone who was anyone who ever spent a moment alone, readers bump fleetingly into Kurt Cobain, French Resistance fighters, the Lone Ranger ("Tonto notwithstanding"), Michelangelo, Alexander Pope, John Lennon, cowboys, Saint Anthony and other solo acts. Rufus, the books editor of East Bay Express, views Degas's plain-faced dancers as "pretty ballerinas" whom the artist leaves every time he exits his studio, and Warhol's biography as "tellingly titled Loner at the Ball." She chases her motif, not so much a manifesto as a cri de coeur, through an assortment of perspectives: religion, advertising, clothes, crime, art, eccentricity, environment, literature, religion and popular culture.

This book was entitled ‘the loners manifesto’. So, of course it caught my eye. It’s funny, what I did read of this book showed me that I’m not as much of a loner as I once thought. The lady who wrote this book was a hermit! Also, I didn’t read all the chapters, as there were a few that were pretty risqué. It was interesting though. I don’t recommend it though. It was just a curious book I picked up at the library.

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