Saturday, October 30, 2010

Choke: Book 2 in the Pillage trilogy

By Obert Skye

Because of the popular demand for a second book, Obert Skye delivers the sequel to “Pillage” with Choke. Beck is trying his best to get used to life, and not to mention, trying to spend quality time with his father, who seems to be incredibly absent for a guy who just had problems ever leaving his home. Dragons seem to be a curse for the Pillage family, and Beck just loves making it harder. But without his Dad to guide him, what is he supposed to do? Well, hatching another Dragon Egg is probably not the smartest decision…

So the second book wasn't at all what I expected. But it was entertaining to read. I enjoy Beck's sense of humor. It was surprising and quite fun, it was a page turner and I'm excited for the third book whenever it comes out. Obert is calling the Pillage series his Pilogy. :) Great fun. Read it you enjoyed Pillage!

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  1. I LOVE IT! He is my favorite author! I mean it, like, EVER!!! I have all his books! And I read them all! Although, wait, Pilogy Trilogy, Trilogy? Does that mean there are only going to be three books in the series? I don't understand. Wait, maybe, Trilogy doesn't mean, 'three'? I'm only guessing that because it has, 'tri' in it. Anyway, I already have the second of the Trilogy Pilogy, and I'm still reading it! Oh, and so far, ITS AWSOME!!!