Monday, July 13, 2015

The Healer's Apprentice

By Melanie Dickerson

A young healer’s apprentice named Rose believes she will never marry…until she meets Lord Hamlin, the future ruler of her village. Hamlin is everything she could ever want—kind, understanding, and a man of faith—but her low station and the fact that he’s already betrothed to a mysterious woman makes their romance impossible. As Lord Hamlin seeks to find the sorcerer who cursed his future bride, Rose’s life spins toward confusion. A creative retelling of the classic Sleeping Beauty tale.

This was my first read from Melanie Dickerson, whom I’ve been trying to read for about a year now. After reading this book I promptly read two more of her books. I’m a nerd about fairy-tale retellings. This was an interesting take, putting a Christian spin on the fairy tale as well as a medieval historical setting was intriguing. I was right there loving the story and the faith behind the characters up until the very end. Without spoiling anything, I just got uncomfortable. Demons came into play, and I’m really antsy about occult stuff. I like magic and fantasy as much as the next Harry Potter fanatic, but when someone starts in on possessions, pentagrams, and black magic, I back away as quickly as possible. This towed the line for me. In fact, it tainted an otherwise very likeable story.

Overall I give it a 3.5 out of 5 (would’ve been higher if not for the above mentioned stuff) 

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