Friday, August 2, 2013


By Robison Wells

Benson Fisher thought that a scholarship to Maxfield Academy would be the ticket out of his dead-end life.

He was wrong.

Now he’s trapped in a school that’s surrounded by a razor-wire fence. A school where video cameras monitor his every move. Where there are no adults. Where the kids have split into groups in order to survive.

Where breaking the rules equals death.

But when Benson stumbles upon the school’s real secret, he realizes that playing by the rules could spell a fate worse than death, and that escape—his only real hope for survival—may be impossible.


This book killed me; in a good way.  It was fairly typical of the popular teen genres, but with some pretty awesome twists. I was surprised and impressed with the twist that I didn’t see coming until the axe fell. It did remind me quite a bit of Dashner’s The Maze Runner, being quite violent at times and involving teens.  A lot like Lord of the Flies too from what I know of the novel (I’ve yet to read it, but I’m sure I’ll get to it someday). Honestly, it’s one of those series that I’m kind of ticked that I started because I don’t want to keep reading because of the violence factor in it, but I want so bad to figure out what happens! I was still kind of confused when it ended and wondered about a few things. It’s a great book for people who enjoyed books like The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games.

I give it a 3.75 out of 5 because the twist truly surprised me.

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