Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Squire's Tale

By Gerald Morris

Growing up an orphan in an isolated cottage in the woods, young Terence never expected much adventure. But upon the arrival of Fawain, his life takes a surprising turn. Gawain is destined to become one of the most famous knights of the Round Table. Terence becomes Gawain’s squire and leaves his secluded life for one of adventure in King Arthur’s court. In no time Terence is plunged into the exciting world of kings, knights, wars, magic spells, dwarfs, damsels in distress, and enchanters. As he adjusts to his new life, he proves to be not only an able squire but also a keen observer of the absurdities around him. His duties take him on a quest with Gawain and on a journey of his own, to solve the mystery of his parentage. Filled with rapier-sharp wit, jousting jocularity, and chuckleheaded knights, this is King Arthur’s court as never before experienced.

So this book was one of those I kept thinking, "I should read that sometime," and I finally got to it after a few years. At first I was dissapointed because I was wanting something written a little more maturely, but after I got used to the writing style I was pretty entertained. It was great fun to go through all the adventures of Terence and Gawain. I'm a sucker for fairy tales and myths, and Arthur's knights are awesome. This book is a lot of fun and gives a bit of mystery as to Terence's parents and his background. Gawain is a fun character and I had quite a few chuckles at their troubles. All in all it was a cute story with loads of potential. I'll grab the next in the series eventually and see if the writing and characters improve with time. This is a great introduction to Arthurian times for kids.

3 out of 5 (Average)

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