Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brotherband: The Outcasts

By John Flanagan

Hal never knew his father. A Skandian warrior, he died in battle when Hal was a young boy, but his reputation lives on long after his death.
Hal, unlike his esteemed father, is an outcast. In a country that values physical strength over intellect, Hal’s ingenuity and the fact that his mother was an Araluen slave, only serves to set him apart from the other boys his age.
The one thing he has in common with his peers? Brotherband training. Forced to compete in tests of endurance and strength and to learn the skills needed to become a Skandian warrior, Hal discovers that he’s not the only outcast in this land of seafaring marauders. And that his battle for acceptance has just begun.

So I admit, I had a hard time getting into this new series from John Flanagan because I was going through Rangers withdrawl. (You who read this blog know how much I loved that series) But as soon as I got about 3 chapters in, I was intrigued and not long after I was hooked. Hal's story is so much fun, and who hasn't felt like an outcast at one point in their lives? He is really relateable, and his group of renegades are so much fun. There's the twins, who are constantly impersonating each other and bickering non-stop, the giant of a boy who is pretty much blind, and Hal's best friend Stig, who is a loose cannon but highly loyal to Hal. There is also the brooding Thorn, the best friend to Hal's father, and Hal's mentor. This has all the makings of another blockbuster hit; I'll just say this, I can't wait to see where the next book takes Hal and the crew of the Heron (Hal's ship). Try it out if you like viking stuff! (Or love Mr. Flanagan's books!)

4 out of 5

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