Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Wizard of Ooze

By David Farland

When the evil wormlord Sebaceous ooze uses his magical song to enslave mice to dig a volcano that will help him and his slobber goblin armies take over the world, it’s up to Amber, a mouse with magical powers, to stop him. With her devoted friends by her side- Ben, a mouse who used to be a human boy; Thorn, a genius mouse; and Bushmaster, the wise vole- Amber might stand a chance of thwarting the giant worm’s sinister plan. But with a human army on their tails and betrayal in their path, these rodents are on a quest far more dangerous than any of them anticipated. A thrilling and exciting adventure for the young and young at heart.

So, this sequel to "Of Mice and Magic" was lacking for me. The premise was much the same as the first book; there's an evil sorcerer that Ben and Amber have to vanquish, and Amber fails many times to turn Ben back into a human boy. Thorn was quite entertaining. This sequel seemed to drop a few grade levels for me, and the concept was boring. I'm going to try and read the next one, but I'm not promising anything. I'm kinda bored with this series. Not really my cuppa tea.

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