Friday, April 17, 2015

Love Comes Softly

By Janette Oke

Marty and Clem set out for the pioneer West full of hopes and dreams. They would stake a claim of their own on the new frontier, and build a home for themselves and their family.  But just after they'd arrived and Clem had chosen the perfect setting for their new home, an accident took his life...leaving Marty alone and pregnant. Then, on the day of his funeral, Clark Davis came along...and asked Marty to marry him!
Marty was infuriated -- but with no money, no shelter, and a baby on the way, what choice did she have? Besides, Clark said he only wanted her to be a mama to his baby girl, Missie. If Marty was still unhappy come spring, he would pay for her ticket back East. Determined not to be a burden to Clark, and intending only to earn her keep. Marty threw herself into her new role of "Mama." But she had never been anyone's mama before, and she didn't even know how to keep a house! If only she could do right by this lonely man and his daughter just long enough to earn her train fare back home...
Now, Marty must learn wholeness and love through patience and faith.

I decided that I would read this book after seeing how many people have loved and watched the television movies of the books, and knowing that usually the books are better than the movies, I had to try them out. At first I thought it was worse than the movie because I had difficulty getting used to the dialogue. “thet” instead of “that”, Iffin, askin’ and a bunch of other words that made what I had thought of as more educated characters difficult to read. I admit it, I was annoyed by the ignorant way they spoke, and wished that the author would’ve just written in plainer English. But, thankfully, the plot and story grabbed my attention, putting those oh so important details that movies always miss into the story, and the language became endearing. I found myself loving Marty’s realization of love for Clark, and her desire to know Clark’s God. It was a lovely read, despite my early annoyance at the language.

I give it a 3.75 out of 5

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