Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Lost Stories of Araluen

By John Flanagan

They were mysterious. Some claim they were merely the stuff of legend—the Rangers with their mottled green-and-grey cloaks and their reputation as defenders of the Kingdom. Reports of their brave battles vary, but we know of at least ten accounts, most of which feature a boy—turned man—named Will and his mentor, Halt. There are reports, as well, of others who fought alongside the Rangers, such as the young warrior Horace, a courageous princess named Evanlyn, and a cunning diplomat named Alyss. Yet this crew left very little behind and their existence has never been able to be proved. Until now, that is…Behold the Lost Stories.

Okay, if you plan to read the Rangers Apprentice series, please don't read down here, I'll give a few things away! That was your fair warning. :)

*Sigh* This was bittersweet to read. The last Rangers book! Sad day, but very fun to read. This is a book that John Flanagan wrote in response to reader's questions throughout his popular series Rangers Apprentice. I'll just tell you about my two favorite stories, but the rest are quite wonderful as well. First, was the story of Horace and Evanlyn's wedding, it was packed with humor, close shaves, intrigue, and of course romance. It was like reading a mini novel in 20 pages! Some of the others weren't quite like that, but still good. I loved reading about their wedding. My second favorite story was about how Halt becomes a part of the Ranger Corps. That was so fantastic I about died! Mr. Flanagan, if you happen to come across this blog and see my remarks, please consider making Halt's life into your next lovely wonderful series (after Brotherband of course!) It was absolutely hilarious looking at Halt as a young(er) buck and taking out the bad guys and saving crowly's neck. :) This series has brought some great entertainment and smiles to my life. One of the few series out there that is just purely...good. You don't get weighed down with crap, it's just a great story about good and great people living their lives and saving the kingdom. I can't recommend this one enough.

4 1/2out of 5 (for this particular book, many are 5 out of 5!)

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