Friday, November 4, 2011

A Door in the Woods

By James Dashner

Jimmy Fincher entered the dark woods on a day like any other. But what he sees there changes his perception of reality and sets off a chain of events that explodes in a torrent of suspense and excitement. An ancient legend come to life. A conspiracy of madmen. Strange portals to other worlds. Villains named everything from Raspy to Shadow Ka. And behind it all is the old wooden door, lying deep in the forest by Fincher’s home. There, the world will change forever.

This is James Dashner's first series (The 13th Reality, The Maze Runner) and I thought it sounded fun and it was a fairly light read at 171 pages. It features Jimmy Fincher of Georgia, a kid who is adventurous and loves to climb trees- and name them. Jimmy stumbles into a fight that he never wanted a part of, filled with world-hopping, cool new powers, strange and terrifying monsters, and mysteries galore. This book is age appropriate for middle school aged kids and is a fun read for boys. This is the first in a 3 book series, of which I intend to read and review, but so far I'm having fun with Jimmy (though it is at times immaturely written and kidish- it's his first book people!) so I'll let you know if Jimmy is worth your time in the near future.

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