Sunday, October 16, 2011


By E.D. Baker

Tamisin always knew there was something slightly weird about herself. When she was little, her freckles got her in trouble at school because they sparkled. Later, she felt compelled to dance outdoors every time the moon was full. Bu now, wings have sprouted between her shoulder blades—real, working fairy wings—and Tamisin realizes she needs more answers than her parents can give her. An it seems Jak, the new boy at school, knows something she doesn’t.
When some frighteningly familiar guests show up at Jak’s Halloween party, Tamisin’s world shifts beyond just a little strange. Armed with Jak’s friendship and the will to discover who she really is, Tamisin finds more answers than she bargained for…and not at all what she expected.

E.D. Baker is the author of the Frog Princess stories, of which I read the first. It was quite fun and entertaining so I decided to try out this different telling based on Shakespeare's A MidsummerNight's Dream. When I first started reading I didn't think much of it; it was pretty easily decifered and flatly written. But, when it switched from Tamsin's point of view to Jak's I was much more interested and entertained. I think the whole book should have been from his point of view, it was so much more interesting to see things from the fairy realm and the lives of the goblins. And Jak is a sort of everyman that people relate to. Tamsin is a little too stereotypical and sounds much younger than she really is. I think she is 15, but sounds more like a 12-year-old. That irritated me a great deal, as well as the typical 'mean girl' at her high school. Not very original. But as stated above, Jak's story is quite wonderful and entertaining. It was a cute story and an interesting view of Shakespeare's tale. If you need a quick fix of fairies, I'd say this is a fun start. I'll look for the sequel and see if it is any good. This book was first published as Wings but has been republished as Fairy Wings just in case you look for it and wonder what the difference is.

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