Sunday, September 25, 2011

Too Much to Carry Alone

By Camille Fronk Olson

Are you carrying a burden or facing a challenge that defies resolution? Challenges are an inescapable fact of mortality. But do we make our burdens heavier by trying to carry them alone?
The Lord has promised us His help if we will turn to Him. Author Camille Fronk Olson writes, “Each of us is personally invited to come unto Christ and trust Him to heal us.” She testifies that “by accepting His invitation to come to Him, we find the way to resolve every one of our problems. We are not talking about temporary, Band-Aid treatments but eternal solutions.”
With such help available, why continue to be weighed down? The Lord has promised to lighten our burdens and give us rest if we take His yoke upon us. This perceptive and hope-filled book reminds us that the only real and eternal solution to our problems is to believe in His promise—and shows us how to take Him at His word.

This is a great little book from Time Out for Women that is only 60 pages long.  I read it in about half an hour and was uplifted and found great insights. This book follows the scripture in Mathew 28; The one about taking His yoke upon you that your burden may be light. This book disects this message and breaks down how we can more easily take His yoke upon us. A great light read with lots of perspective.

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