Friday, April 2, 2010

Ranger's Apprentice 6: The Siege of Macindaw

By John Flanagan

In Book 6 of the popular Ranger’s Apprentice series, Will, his friend Horace, and a sorcerer/healer join forces with a fierce but loyal troop of Skandians to recapture Castle Macindaw, rescue Alyss from its tower, and restore the castle to its rightful owner. Series fans will relish the familiar details of warfare and comradeship as well as the surprising fireworks in both war and love. While this satisfying novel could be enjoyed as a separate volume, it is best read in series order, as it concludes the story of Will’s first mission as a Ranger, an adventure begun in Book 5.

The climax has approached. Keren is all set for the Scoti to invade Araluen via Castle Macindaw. Will has to think on his feet to figure out an immediate solution to a potentially disasterous situation. Holy crap. I was even wondering how he would pull this one off. This was the first time he didn’t have Halt or one of the other Ranger’s to bounce ideas off of, everyone was looking to him for guidance. Talk about pressure! I liked it because it showed how Will is really growing up, and heck yes, it has some pretty awesome battles and some intenseness at the end between Will and Alyss. I was left feeling very content and with an overall full feeling. I am looking forward to book 8 coming out this year. I love finding new stories that are fantastically told!

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